In the heart of New Zealand's South Island, the Canterbury Plains stand out as the country's primary agricultural hub, providing over half of its arable crops each year. This includes a diverse range of grains and grasses. Boasting rich, alluvial soils and a temperate climate, these plains are exceptionally suited for high-value crops used in natural health and wellness products. Evolutionary Ltd taps into this agricultural goldmine, with access to hundreds of hectares of prime organic farmland. Additionally, we have the capability to access hundreds more hectares, which allows us the potential to scale up to hundreds more tonnes of product if market demand increases.

Here, amidst these ideal conditions, we cultivate certified organic crops like barley and wheatgrass, contributing to the region's reputation as a bastion of quality in organic farming.


Our operation boasts a unique scalability potential, designed to meet large demands effortlessly. Spanning extensive organic fields, we have the infrastructure and expertise to rapidly increase production. This flexibility allows us to adapt to fluctuating market needs, ensuring a consistent supply of high-quality products. With advanced agricultural practices and a commitment to sustainability, our farms are equipped to handle large-scale orders while maintaining the highest standards of quality, embodying reliability and efficiency in agricultural production.


New Zealand South Island, in the vast the Canterbury Plains stand out as an ideal location for production, thanks to its unparalleled air quality, reliable water sources for irrigation, and exceptional soil varieties. Our team is dedicated to being trusted partners for farmers, suppliers, and international clients, offering them products and services that bolster their businesses sustainably.
We have large areas of organic farms we can scale to while maintaining our commitment to quality and meticulous attention to detail throughout the supply chain. As we set exceptional standards for quality and excellence, we represent a cohesive network of people, products, expertise, and services, operating globally from our base in NZ


We have been a registered Organic Exporter since 2007 with the Formally New Zealand Food Safety Authority(NZFSA) which was merged into the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) in 2011.

For organic products to be exported, many jurisdictions they must be certified by an MPI-approved third-party agency. MPI maintains a list of recognized agencies that can certify products as organic based on the standards set.

Export Assurance: MPI provides assurance to importing countries that New Zealand's organic products meet the required organic standards of the destination country.
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An unwavering commitment to providing the world with premier certified organic plant powders. With nearly two decades behind us, our seasoned team, deeply rooted in organic farming, ensures that every step we take is driven by the consistency in taste and vibrancy of our leaf powders.

Decades of dedication to dehydrated superfoods and organic materials shine through in every batch we produce. Our leadership, with profound expertise in organic farming, centers on delivering products with a premium taste and appearance.

Experience quality you can rely on with us..


Is your business seeking a proven and credible ingredient partner for bulk green food powders? Evolutionary Health delivers the expertise and reliability you seek.

We harvest our plants at their optimum level. Our processing plant operates 24/7 and is located just a short distance from the fertile Canterbury Plains. This ensures that the nutritional quality is locked in soon after harvest.

Our diverse international clientele can be confident in their choice. Every product we offer bears the authentic mark of wholefood quality with our Organics Certification #492 from AssureQuality New Zealand. Our unwavering commitment to organic integrity establishes us as the preferred source for reputable leaf powder distributors.



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