From one of the most isolated places on Earth, nestled next to the Southern Alps on New Zealand's South Island—a region renowned for its fertility ... Evolutionary Health dot org a trusted name in organic excellence. Is proud to offer a range of high-quality, certified organic superfoods. Here, in this land of fertile soil and clear skies, we meticulously cultivate nutrient-rich green superfoods, adhering to the highest standards of organic farming. .... . In 2007 Evolutionary Health gained an organic certification and has an unwavering commitment to organic excellence. Certified Organic by Assure Quality, a testament to our stringent practices, ensuring that the highest standards of organic agriculture are met. The Assure Quality organic stamp is an emblem of true integrity. It's more than just branding; it encapsulates our rich soils and harmony with nature. ... . In 2008, we took our mission global, becoming a certified organic exporter. This marked the beginning of our journey in sharing New Zealand’s organic bounty with the world, solidifying our reputation as a trusted supplier for manufacturers seeking authentic, premium-quality ingredients. Embracing the art of organic farming with passion and precision. Our superfood fields are a testament to nature’s potential, flourishing without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. We cultivate resilience and richness in every crop, ensuring that from seed to harvest, purity and vitality are at the heart of our produce. It's more than farming; it’s a philosophy of life, ensuring that every green superfood we nurture is a gift of nature, perfected.


Organic Barley Leaf Powder
Organic Barley Leaf Powder