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Certified Organic GoGreen Spirulina

Presenting GoGreen Certified Organic Spirulina, the finest form of Spirulina.

GoGreen Spirulina, has gained an organic certification from AgriQuality in New Zealand. AgriQuality Ltd is the most accredited supplier of food safety auditing in the Southern Hemisphere, giving you an assurance that GoGreen Organic Spirulina is produced to an international quality standard. It has taken years of intensive research into micro–algal products to ensure that we can supply a Spirulina that is equalivant to the best quality on the market today.

This standard is achieved through scientific cultivation processes and stringent quality checks, in every step of the process. GoGreen Organic Spirulina's rich green color is due to a high presence of the life giving Chlorophyll-a and other levels of phyto-pigments like Carotenoids , Beta-carotene and Phycocyanin. High levels of these pigments is a sign that the product has been minimally processed to preserve the goodness and wholesomeness, combined this with special cultivation and processing method’s and you have a Spirulina that has a mild taste and better odor.

Certified Organic production means that you have a product that is safe, free from irradiation or any chemical treatments, such as those to reduce the bacterial population in the product, which can be popular with many suppliers. Spirulina, being a natural food , has to have a particular level of harmless and good bacteria ( represented by standard / total plate count. When Spirulina Powder is subjected to Irradiation , the standard plate count falls to abnormal levels for a food product (: less than 100 CFU / gm ). The unique strong smell of Spirulina also completely disappears, with what we feel are unaccepted food processing methods. There are analytical methods are available to detect if the product is irradiated or treated with chemicals.

  • Our product meets all International Food Safety and Quality Guidelines like USFDA, JHFA and European health food standards.
    Each batch of Go Green Spirulina is regularly analysed in labs for quality parameters. More importantly, Go Green Spirulina is also analyzed in various international labs such as SGS at frequent intervals.

  • Our Organic Spirulina is available in convenient powder, tablets and vegetarian capsules.
    Spirulina powder is ideal for use in formulating green drinks and all other green food due to its mild flavor and smell. This naturally, is more preferred by consumers.

    Along with the GoGreen Brand, we also offer private labeling and tableting services for Organic Spirulina.

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  • Evolutionary Health produces Spirulina tablets are 100% vegetarian. No artificial binders or preservations are used and we don’t film coat our tablets.

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