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Custom Labelling

  • Evolutionary Health is structured to effectively meet the needs of both large and small organizations within the Natural health industry. We have avaliable the capacity, equipment and staff to meet the high volume demands of wholesalers, distributors and large retailers. On the other hand, we can also accommodate shortruns with small minimums, allowing us to assist the small entrepreneur, as well as help larger companies launch new products or do market testing.

    Let us handle part or all of the private label process for you. We have extensive experience in product labeling and package design. We also maintain strategic alliances with a select network of Approved manufacturers. Plus, we offer you low prices because of our solid relationships with the best formulators, designers and printers.

    Label Design & Layout
    Evolutionary Health gives you a range of choices for producing your labels.

    If you would like a highly individualized label, we will use special photographs, graphics and colors to produce labels to your unique design specifications.

    For greater speed and cost effectiveness, we can apply your information to quality predesigned and preprinted labels in your choice of selected colors.

    Customer Supplied
    You may also provide Evolutionary Health with your own finished labels, providing they meet our production specifications.


    We can produce in excess of 2 million tablets per day in a wide range of tablet sizes and shapes. We operate several tablet presses utilising both 'B' and 'D' tooling. Tablet coating is also avaliable if it is required.

  • Overall Capability


    New Zealand

    Soft Gel per day

    Clear oil: 1.5million 
    Gel (xxx): 1.0million

    Hard Gel per day


    Tablets per day


    Mixing volume powders


    Filling jars per day powders


    Mixing volume liquids


    Mixing volume creams


    Cream filling of jars per day


    Registration and preparation of certificates

    can do as reqired

    Blister packing per day

    120,000 packs

    Bottling per day (tablets and capsules)


    Aluminium / aluminium blisters and aluminium / plastic

    covered above

    Testing types of tests and how long they take

    depends on what test

    Sachets filling powders only per day