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Wheatgrass Information For centuries, civilizations have understood the value of the Green food such as Spirulina, Chlorella and cereal grasses such as Wheat and Barley. Now, in the early twenty-first century, scientists are rediscovering the benefits of these Green Super Foods, which respectively contain the highest levels of easily digestible vegetable proteins, amino acids, beta carotene, mixed carotenoids, vitamin B-12, iron, trace minerals, the essential fatty acids GLA and linoleic acid, phycocyanin, polysaccharides, chlorophyll and sulfolipids.

Spirulina World As a health supplement, Spirulina algae is an extremely high protein source with a protein content of 60-70 percent higher than any other natural food and most nutritional products. However, even greater nutritional value can be found in its high concentration of vitamins, minerals and other beneficial nutrients.

Pure Water Benefits It sounds so simple. H20. Two parts hydrogen, one part oxygen. But this element, better known as water, is the most essential, next to air, to our survival. Water truly is everywhere, still most take it for granted.